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Well…I’m here December 27, 2012

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So, how does this all work?  I feel I’m probably just too darn old to actually have my own blog, so I’ll just use this to join in other blogs so there’s a face associated with me!  I’m sure I’ll still mess something up!


5 Responses to “Well…I’m here”

  1. Just testing the commenting section. I’m sure I’ll be the only one commenting!

  2. Never too old! 🙂 I knew so little about blogging when I first started that I documented my journey in a post – actually, it turned out to be 2 posts – called something like ‘What you need to know BEFORE Blogging 101’ just in case there were others out there like me. At first it was like learning to play the violin in public. A few squeaks along the way. But, hey, you’re doing great. Throw out a post and share your thoughts with others! It will turn up in the reader and you just never know where it will end up… I’ve just followed you, so I’ll be looking out! 🙂

    And thanks so much for your lovely encouraging comment on my blog today. It’s people like you who make the journey worthwhile. Blessings!

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